The company was founded in 2004, is specialized in packaging material, cushioning materials supplier, focuses on transport protection packing products and industrial packaging spares no effort and pay attention to environmental protection, third just unit testing of all products are qualified.  Product categories include: container cushioning mattress cartons within the special transparent cushioning air bags, air protection, air cushion machine, green padding ... ... And so on

Business type:

1. professional manufacturing and processing

2. wholesale trade

3. agent distribution

4. packaging design

5. import and export business


Total sales office:

33382 Taiwan Taoyuan County's guishanxiang village of Lok Sin Street, 1/f, 27th

(Linkou, three industrial area)

Customer service hotline: 886-3-327-1017. 886-3-327-1019

Customer service fax: 886-3-327-1016


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